New Beads

New Beads


I got new beads this week. I always get excited when a new parcel arrives even if it’s just a handful of new beads to play with. These wooden beads had been orderd for my personalised bracelets that I make. Today though had been the first time that I’d been able to try them out 🙂

Personalised Bracelets using my new beads

Personalised Bracelets using my new beads!

So what do you think???


Life is so much more interesting inside my head

life is so much more interesting in my own head

Hidden Gems Has Gone Social Networking Crazy!!!!

I think I can safely say that I have gotten my name out there on every social networking platform there is….and I am exhausted.

Facebook was something I’ve been on since the era of no news feeds and the creation of the poke button (where did that go by the way?) and was my first step on the ladder of business networking. My ‘Page’ ( and I got on well to start with, it introduced me to my first customers, let me show all my friends and family that I was actually creative, and helped me start making a profit from my jewellery. But soon the likes started to stop coming in and no one was placing orders anymore.

I needed a bigger audience.

Then I met Etsy. PayPal introduced us by bribing me over there with 20 FREE listings. How could I refuse!! My shop was born ( Every time the view counter went up I got excited. Every time someone pressed that ❤ button I’d hold my breath. I waited for my first sale for weeks, and then months, but nothing happened.

My next thought was to get my items seen more. My pictures of my products aren’t to shabby so I thought I’d give instagram a go (@hiddengemsjewellery). Once I got the hang of #’s I was on a roll! My likes for each picture were on fire and I slowly gained followers from all over the world. Sadly though I soon worked out that they only liked and followed so I would do the same back. Again no sales for me there.

I went back to my trusty Facebook Page and slowly we carried on together. We picked up new likes and sales but nothing outstanding. I networked throughout Facebook and though everyone LOVED my things a business doesn’t run on compliments, likes or shares.

Then last week I decided to do something I’d promised myself I’d never do…..I made a Twitter account ( it was not with the intention of tweeting, well not really. I linked my Facebook page to twitter. Now every time I updated Facebook the world of Twitter also found out! Surly this would increase my product reach??? I have 25 follows and as far as I can tell not one of them has read a single tweet of mine. Sigh.

But then my faith in these sites was renewed.
Yesterday as I sat checking my Facebook updates, my Instagram likes, my blog views, my Etsy followers and reading a few tweets I got an email. Someone had order from my Etsy Shop!!! My first online, not through Facebook, sale!!! Surly this was down to twitter right? Or instagram? Whatever had done it, someone had managed to find me through this giant web and ordered from meeeeeee!!! Weeeeeee!!!

So seeing as I had an Etsy Sale under my belt I took another, and my final(?), step into the world of networking. Pinterest!
Now this I’m still unsure of and only started Pining pictures yesterday BUT I’ve already had a sale through one of my pins! AMAZING!!!

My advise to other Crafters who are trying to sell their wares…. It takes very little time and energy to set up all these Social Networking accounts and all are free. Each one gets your products out there to millions of people world-wide, and though they may be slow and you may feel that you are getting nothing from them, but all it takes is for that one person to see your picture, tweet, pin and fall in love with your product. Networking is the best way to make sales, so if you have yet to make a twitter, or your still not pinning, get on it!!!

Oh, and how writing a blog effects your business? Thats yet to be seen….

New Giveaway on Hidden Gems

these items will be sent to one luck UK winner for free (If the winner wishes item to be sent outside of the UK postage will need to be paid)

these items will be sent to one luck UK winner for free (If the winner wishes item to be sent outside of the UK postage will need to be paid)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hidden Gems is having a giveaway!! To win these beautiful matching items just click the link above. Terms and conditions apply

Cluster Necklace

Cluster Necklace

This is Hidden Gems newest masterpiece. It was my first ever cluster necklace, after making many bracelets, and was made for a customer to her specification as a gift for her mother. I love making cluster jewellery and even though they take such a long time to make I’m always so Happy with the outcome.

I wish I could tell you how many beads and buttons were used but I just lost count as more kept being added as I went along. There is near 300 though and each is individual attached. The aim was to make sure the main part of the necklace was much chunkier than the top parts, so not only was more added to the middle using bigger beads and buttons, they are also attached on bigger hoops and longer pins.  It may not look like it but there is also a pattern with the beads and buttons. Each half is exactly the same.

This has to be my favourite item and was inspired by the cluster bracelets I have previously made, mainly the blue bead and button bracelet which was a middle of the night creation one day a few weeks ago.
The difference between the cluster bracelets and the new necklace is down to the pattern. It’s a simple pattern on the bracelets, every other hoop contains the exact same beads/buttons all the way through, so there is no build up to the cluster like the necklace. This wouldn’t work as well on a necklace as it needs a center focus that the bracelets don’t have or need.

I really love the necklace and am very proud of it and it turned out much better than I had hoped. button cluster bracelet


Well good evening!

Thought i should add a little ‘HI’ post before getting into the real stuff. I’m the owner/creator/only staff member of Hidden Gems ( ) and this blog is here to let me share my creations with the world. Hopefully there will be some tips and guides along the way as well as lots of colourful pretty pictures of all my crafts.

So stay tuned and watch this space


Hidden Gems